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The complete P-UMLaut toolchain is available here; The packages contain the source as well as compiled binaries for GNU/Linux (tested on various releases of Debian).

Libraries we use are supplied as well, see DEPENDENCIES for a list.

Our work is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


23.71MiB 175844445b862703655ee6316240c055 Release 1.1 Contents
27.77MiB 1be92f00204784b632b084fd559a6aa9 Release 1.1 Contents
14940KiB a2bdd400f9ae034b8439d2be51411e15 Release 1.2 (binary only) Contents
16311KiB 6af0ac4d6c62e75e5d63f9d786bb23e8 Release 1.2 (binary only) Contents